4 day private tour Angkor and Siem Reap area highlights (recommended!)

This 4 day tour shows you the best of Angkor and the Siem Reap area. You will visit all important temples and also learn about Khmer culture and history. This tour has great variety. You will see old temples, beautiful nature and a traditional Khmer village. Also you will learn about Cambodia's turbulent past in the landmine museum. (Prices are for one car that can take up to 4 people).

View tourCar $ 275 00
Mini Bus $ 310 00

Angkor small tour

Angkor can be divided into a small circuit and grand circuit. When you visit both you will see all the major temples of Angkor, including the famous Angkor Wat and Bayon temple. The small tour includes Angkor Wat west gate, Bayon, Victory Gate, Takeo, Ta Prohm, Sra Srang, Angkor Wat east entrance.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 15 00
View tourCar $ 30 00
Mini Bus $ 35 00

Angkor grand tour

The grand tour offers a route along the outer temples of Angkor. Included are Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom (South Gate, Baphuon, Leper King Terrace), Preah Khan, Neak Pean, East Mebon, Ta Som and Pre Rup.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 18 00
View tourCar $ 35 00
Mini Bus $ 40 00

Grand tour + Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is also called the Lady Temple because the carvings are so detailed and delicate. It's like a lady hand has carved it. The temple is located a short 30 minute ride from Siem Reap. It's a good idea to make most of your time in Cambodia and combine the grand tour with a visit to this beautiful temple.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 30 00
View tourCar $ 45 00
Mini Bus $ 55 00

Hire a licensed guide!

A guide can teach you everything you like to know about the ancient temples. Our guides are all licensed and therefore allowed to guide you inside the Angkor temple area.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 35 00
View tourCar $ 35 00
Mini Bus $ 35 00

Relaxed 3 day temple tour

Visiting temples can be quite exhausting. Take it easy with this 3-day temple tour. At a slower pace you will visit all the famous temples of Angkor that are also included in the Grand tour and Small tour. You can take as much time at the temples as you like, no rush. There is also time to upgrade this 3 day tour with a relaxing massage or other spa treatment at the end of the day.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 75 00
View tourCar $ 115 00
Mini Bus $ 135 00

Temples, museum and spa tour

This tour combines the most prominent temples with a leisurely stroll at the Angkor National Museum and a divine spa treatment.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 17 00
View tourCar $ 35 00
Mini Bus $ 40 00

A day without temples - Cambodian culture highlights

Tired of seeing temples? Spend a day exploring the area around Siem Reap and learn about contemporary Khmer culture! This tour brings you to the following places:

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 25 00
View tourCar $ 35 00
Mini Bus $ 45 00

Siem Reap city tour (half day)

While most visitors come to Siem Reap to visit Angkor, it is a shame to pass on the opportunity to see more of this historic town. The village was originally established in the 8th century AD, and grew to be a town after tourists became increasingly interested in Angkor Wat around 1900. There are a lot of interesting sites to visit in Siem Reap.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 12 00
View tourCar $ 25 00
Mini Bus $ 32 00

Fully custom tour

If you do not wish to book a package tour, we can help you organize a custom tour, especially suited to your wishes. Please tell me your interests and how many days you want to spend in Cambodia and I will think with you to make the best itinerary for a good price.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk On request
View tourCarOn request
Mini BusOn request

3 days Cultural Highlights

This tour gives you an overview of everything Cambodia has to offer. You will explore the great temples of Angkor, enjoy a dance performance and see how people in Cambodia live.

Prices starting atTuk Tuk $ 80 00
View tourCar $ 135 00
Mini Bus $ 155 00